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Some perspective on the new UAF RSI checklist

A diagram showing the four aspects of RSI as interlocking puzzle pieces
This teaching tip serves as an introduction to the concept of Regular and Substantive Interactions, part of new Federal regulations concerning online education, and offers helpful and specific advice to instructors who are looking to transform their current course into one that not only meets the new regulations, but also increases student success, all while being efficient with the instructor's time.

Supporting Students with Mental Health Challenges

An illustration of people cultivating a stylized brain as if it were a plant.
Campuses across the nation are seeing a rise in the frequency and intensity of mental health challenges among college students. This trend is apparent at UAF and many staff and faculty members are left wondering how to best support students experiencing mental health challenges. This teaching tip will describe how the UAF Student Health and Counseling Center (SHCC) can be utilized as a resource for helping students in need of mental health support.

Leveraging campus partnerships to reinforce help-seeking behaviors

Lauren Divine, right, a tutor with UAF's Student Support Services, works with Sante Lee-Sonkoh during a session in the SSS study lounge in the Gruening Building.
Faculty are a key conduit in a student’s academic path—connecting them to vital resources in the virtual and physical campus environment. Educators have an opportunity to model help-seeking behaviors that aid students from all backgrounds but significantly benefit students from traditionally underrepresented and under-resourced backgrounds.