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Q&A on AI Text Detection

A student working on a laptop in a cabin while a humanoid robot leans over his shoulder.
Are there any tools that can reliably detect if writing was created with artificial intelligence? No. No, There are no tools which can reliably detect AI-generated writing. This teaching tip covers the current state of automatic AI detection and where it falls short of being reliable, and illustrates why this trend will continue. More importantly, this teaching tip presents some methods in which faculty content experts can determine if writing has been created with AI.

Ungrading STEM

I recently ran into a friend at a Halloween bonfire party who is an accomplished faculty member in the sciences. As we huddled near the fire for warmth, we discussed the idea of “ungrading” and the specific challenges of this…

Join OEWeek!

A screenshot of OE Week website

It’s not too late to join in the conversations and activities happening for Open Education Week (OEWeek) on March 7-11.  In this Teaching Tip, we present some of the highlights from OEWeek and how to get involved. Open education is…

Innovating through repair

Artistic musical notes made of cut rocks.
Turning inward as a community, sharing used resources and repairing as needed is an Alaskan way of life. Just as transfer sites are a physical manifestation of this, we can create and find places online that allow us to share and reuse discarded resources for teaching and learning.