Proctored Exams

If an online course requires proctored quizzes or exams, UAF CTL or an approved proctor supervises students by acting as a neutral-third party.

Information for Instructors

UAF CTL can facilitate proctoring of print and online exams. In both scenarios, it is critical that instructors provide:

  1. instructions,
  2. dates, and either
  3. copies of print quizzes and exams or  
  4. passwords for online exams.

Early and accurate submission of this information to CTL is necessary.  Students all over the world are counting on instructors and CTL to have quiz and exam materials available in timely manner.  

Below is a timeline to guide instructors on the proctoring process.

Logan Hertzler, Exam Services Coordinator
Logan Hertzler, Exam Services Coordinator

Start of the Semester

Submit proctored quiz and exam information to CTL using the notification forms.  

The notification forms provide necessary details such as dates students will take quizzes and exams, the number of quizzes and exams during the semester, and instructions for each quiz or exam. Quizzes and exams do not have to be written at the time you submit the form. This information is collected in advance to help CTL plan for the semester, as well as answer questions from students and approved proctors.

Completed forms must be submitted in the first two weeks of the semester.

Notification form for ONLINE EXAMS  ( opens in a separate window)

Notification form for PRINT EXAMS  (opens in a separate window)

During the Semester

Provide materials to CTL at least 5 business days before students take the quiz or exam.  

For PRINT quizzes and exams, create a PDF with the CTL cover sheet as the first page. Email the quiz or exam to (Note: this is a secure account managed by CTL student services staff.) Completed quizzes and exams will be uploaded to Google Drive and shared with instructors.

For ONLINE quizzes and exams, you should have already submitted passwords and other details (i.e., if the quiz or exam will be in Canvas or a publisher’s website) on the notification form for online exams. If there are any changes to your passwords, etc., please immediately send an email to

Quick Note About Virtual Proctoring

Some UAF courses offer virtual proctoring via Remote Proctoring Now (RPNow).  It is a virtual proctoring solution that allows students to take exams at a location of their choosing (office, home, etc.). Students need a computer, reliable internet, a webcam  and  a microphone.  Students will be required to pay $15 per quiz or exam.

Only ONLINE quizzes and exams are eligible for RPNow.  

This slide deck has important information regarding proctored exams. Please feel free to post the slide deck in your course or share with students.  

This slide deck is a how-to on virtual proctoring  for students. Please feel free to post the slide deck in your course or share with students.  

Questions and Considerations

  1. Exam times range from a time span of one day several weeks. Those who only give a one-day window get a lot more students requesting extensions. Scheduling with a proctor does require some flexibility. Exams cannot be set up to be taken at a specific time like you would in a classroom setting. It is recommended to give students at least 2-3 days to complete an exam if a week is too long of a window for you.
  2. Most off-site proctors charge a proctoring fee. This fee can be an hourly or per-session fee which adds up quickly. Please keep this in mind when deciding how many exams you choose to have proctored in a semester.
  3. If your exams are online, you can choose to enable virtual proctoring. This allows students to take their exams anywhere and anytime (within your exam window) for $15. This can be a much cheaper option for some students. In order to use this service, students must have a computer with a webcam and a microphone that is not built into a headset. CTL uses Remote Proctoring Now (RPNow).
  4. For off-site students, it is their responsibility to locate a  proctor and request their exam materials 5-7 business days prior to taking their exam. CTL can provide these instructions for students that you can share.
  5. Paper exams and quiz materials must be received at least 5 business days prior to the assessment opening. Materials received late run the risk of not being proctored by UAF CTL and off-site proctors.
  6. And finally, is having a proctor necessary or is another option for assessing student learning possible?


Contact Logan Hertzler, Exam Services Coordinator or
Janene McMahan, UAF CTL Student Services Manager
or call 907-455-2060.

Information to Share with Students

UAF CTL  Student  Services  manages the proctoring process and administers the quizzes and exams to students. Helpful information is available on their webpage, with a summary provided below.  

Students Located in Fairbanks

If a student is located in Fairbanks, they are required to take the proctored quiz or exam on campus at the UAF CTL Exam Center located in the Bunnell Building suite 131. No appointment is necessary.  

Map and Parking Information

1790 Tanana Loop
Suite 131, Bunnell Building
University of Alaska Fairbanks
Fairbanks, AK 99775-6700

8 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday — Friday.
Extended hours are available on Wednesdays and Thursdays until 7 p.m. during the fall and spring semesters.

Students will still be responsible for making sure they have enough time to finish a quiz or exam before CTL closes. All quizzes and exams will be collected at closing time even if unfinished.  

Students Outside of Fairbanks

If a student is located outside of Fairbanks, they will need to arrange for a local proctor. To start, the student must identify a proctor that meets the requirements.  

Proctor Requirements and Responsibilities

 After the student has identified a proctor and collected their contact information, a request form must be completed.  

Request form for students in Alaska (but not Fairbanks)

Request form for students outside of Alaska

If a student has trouble finding a local proctor, UAF CTL may be able to provide guidance. Send an email to

Exam Center Rules and Procedures

Upon arrival, students will sign in, provide photo ID, and be ready to state which exam is needed for which course. Small lockers are provided for personal belongings but it is best to come with as little as possible.

CTL reserves the right to prohibit the following in the Exam Center:

  • Cell phones or other electronics
  • Personal pens, pencils (these will be provided)
  • Personal scratch paper (this will be provided)
  • Ball caps or hats with a brim
  • Any materials not specifically permitted by the instructor, including graphing calculators
  • Book bags, backpacks, briefcases, or purses
  • Drinks without a lid

All students using the Exam Center are held to the UAF Student Code of Conduct.

Further Resources