2022-2023 Annual Impact Report

Message from Executive Director

Jenn Pedersen, Ph.D.

It’s my distinct pleasure to introduce our Annual Impact Report presented in a fresh format that reflects the genuine spirit of CTL more authentically than ever before. This year, we’ve transformed our approach. We’re focusing on more than just data; we’re sharing inspiring stories from an extraordinary team whose passion, commitment, and tenacity are the true secret to our shared successes. Through the far-reaching impact of over 50 online programs and 600 diverse courses, and the extended global influence of our AlaskaX portfolio, CTL has provided transformational educational opportunities spanning Alaskan communities to international shores. The creativity and dedication of our team have not only broadened our impact but also enhanced UAF’s educational experience, weaving a narrative of success, innovation, and community. I invite you into this journey with us—discover, celebrate, and look ahead to a future where our collaborative spirit, inclusivity, and commitment to excellence continually fuel UAF’s mission.

Student Snapshot
Ages 13-81
170 Communities in Alaska
49 States
4 U.S Territories
23 Countries Around the World


Student Voices

“UAF CTL was an integral part of my graduating. I’m a working adult living outside of Fairbanks, so having the ability to get my degree remotely while working at my own pace was the only way I could accomplish that. They have great degree programs for working adults looking to gain knowledge and advance their careers. Having access to their asynchronous courses from anywhere in the world with an an internet connection allowed me to get coursework done while commuting to and from work, on vacation, and on other work related travel. With the courses being asynchronous, they allowed me work ahead when I could and then have a cushion when the demands life and work results in conflicting priorities. Thank you to the CTL staff for making all of that possible. “

Will Hartman

BA in Applied Management graduate

“Being able to complete my degree 100% online means everything to me. I have four children and I currently work long shifts in a pediatric urgent care. If not being able to complete my degree online, I unfortunately wouldn’t be able to attend at all. Showing my children that I’m able to do everything I want to do, and finding a way to do it, means a lot. I’m grateful for the professors I’ve had thus far as they’ve been wonderful.”

Marjorie Moberg

BA in Social Work student

“As an active duty military spouse and stay-at-home mom to two children, CTL classes are helping me achieve my dream of becoming a counselor by allowing me access to education no matter where the military sends us. Through deployments, moves, and alternating schedules, I can access classes online when it is most convenient for my schedule. I am grateful for the opportunity to pursue my dreams without sacrificing the time needed to be home with my children. As a first-generation Mexican American, I am the first in my family to pursue a Master’s degree. The opportunity to study something I love and further my aspirations have motivated me in ways I cannot describe. CTL classes give mothers and military spouses like me the accessibility to obtain a degree without sacrificing our personal life or schedule.”

Salma Connelly

MEd in Clinical Mental Health Counseling student

“I took the majority of my classes online through CTL which I really appreciated for the convenience. I also had a few tests proctored at the CTL location in Fairbanks which went smoothly and staff was really nice and helpful.”

Amanda Brand

BA in English graduate

“Courses through the CTL have allowed me to pursue my academic goals of obtaining my BS in Biological Sciences as I work full time. Although I live near Sitka’s UAS campus, they do not offer the courses I need to complete this degree path. The CTL has allowed me to take science classes that emphasize critical thinking about the natural world, which I put into practice professionally and personally in my explorations around Alaska. In the future I hope this degree will allow me to integrate more scientific research and fieldwork into the work I do. Additionally, this degree path and the courses available through the CTL allow me to satisfy my curiosity about a variety of topics and help me maintain my passion for lifelong learning.”

Elizabeth Boreman

BS in Biological Sciences student

“UAF CTL positively affected my ability to graduate. As a father and full-time employee, the ability to attend college online afforded me the opportunity to work on my coursework on my time. My journey to graduation would have been much more difficult had I not enrolled in UAF CTL.”

Bret Breeler

BA in Justice graduate

A decorative topographic landscape


We work to create an inclusive learning environment that welcomes differences in technology, culture, place, ability and ways of knowing.

Community Approach

faculty, staff, post-docs, and grad students supported
long-form programs
(20+ hours of participation)
hours of 1:1 assistance with instructional designers
short-form programs
(at least 1 hour of participation)

Facilitated writing sessions every week, building community and accountability

Program that supports instructors in honoring their courses as the scholarship of teaching and learning

Workshop to learn instructional practices that support student learning during a course revision

Workshop to learn about and test pedagogical approaches that empower instructors and students to engage in transdisciplinary problem-solving

No/low cost course materials/OER training with incentives

Increasing Access to Higher Education

CTL is committed to removing barriers to student educational access and success whenever possible, and one way we do this is by dedicating funding to student scholarships. In the last 6 years, CTL has awarded over $230,000 and supported more than 300 students through our scholarship programs. This year we expanded our programs to provide scholarships to a greater number of students and prioritized finding creative ways to reach a more diverse group of students. Online students often bring unique life and scheduling challenges and their situations may not translate well into traditional scholarship application metrics. This year our CTL Scholarship Committee changed our award criteria and application to make it more inclusive and accessible and our review process to be more equitable. Using multiple award periods means our award is available to students admitted after February 15 (the UAF scholarship deadline) and allows us to include Summer semester meaning we reach students who may have exhausted other funding during Fall and Spring. In 2022-23, we almost doubled our scholarship budget and provided over $78,000 in scholarships to 120 students. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Spring and Summer CTL awards: $29,000, 58 students
  • Learner Experience Advocacy Program (LEAP): $33,000, 19 students
  • Degree Completion program: $8,000, 16 students 
  • Student art contest: $8,250, 27 students
A photo of Tehya in front of her image
Tehya McLeod at SEATAC airport with CTL display using Tehya’s “On the Trail” artwork
A picture of Seqininnguaq in fron of her image
Seqininnguaq Poulsen, one of the winners of the CTL student art contest, at SEATAC

The Alaska Advantage program provides Alaska’s high-achieving high school students an in-state, high-quality and affordable option for dual enrollment. In the fall of 2022, the program partnered with the Anchorage School District to create the Anchorage Business Academy. This academy provides 25 high school students in the district with the opportunity to work toward occupational endorsements in business-related pathways such as administrative assistant, bookkeeping, or financial services representatives. These endorsements likely prepare students for employment directly after high school. The Alaska Advantage Program is a valuable resource for high-achieving high school students in Alaska, enabling them to earn college credits and potentially gain a competitive advantage in their future educational and career pursuits.

unique high schools
unique high schools
school districts

Lowering Economic Barriers

total enrollments
learners that paid to upgrade to the verified track which gives them access to graded assessments and a certificate upon successful completion
published courses
AlaskaX Learner Locations

Student Feedback

published courses
published courses

Student Support Focus
TotalExam Type
4,264student exams
2,361in-person exams
1,677remote proctored UAF exam requests
82credit by examination
53FE exams for graduating engineers
579community exams for future nurses, CPAs, electricians, firefighters, real estate agents, contractors and more
An image of the CTL Student Support staff
CTL Exam Services team: Capra, Logan, and Julia (L-R)
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Our team’s creativity and dedication shines through every day. Here are just a few things we’re proud of from this year.

CTL has been contributing to the education outreach portion of the Permafrost Discovery Gateway (PDG), led by Woodwell Climate Institute and with collaborators from over fourteen institutions including UAF. The NSF-funded project goal is an online interface that enables researchers to share knowledge and big data supported and expanded through machine learning across disciplines for near-real time permafrost monitoring of the pan-arctic landscape. Through additional NSF funding, a partnership with teachers from two Alaska districts is enabling the creation of a range of standards-based lesson packages that can be used in climate change and permafrost units in middle and high school science curricula. Lesson plans will be posted on the PDG education site and will be openly licensed. Instructional design staff also collaborated with the Byrd Polar and Climate Research Center to create a virtual immersive tour of the CRREL Permafrost Tunnel near Fairbanks, as part of the PDG outreach project. The PDG received the Google Impact Challenge on Climate Innovation award in 2023.

In 2022, the Associate Director of Teaching and Learning at CTL in collaboration with campus groups and the UAF PIT Crew, piloted Airtable to assess its effectiveness in reducing data silos and promoting data-informed decision-making. Staff at CTL already used Airtable as a “collaborative data playground” and were excited to help the campus community discover this adaptive, responsive tool. The goal was to simplify faculty and staff access to critical and timely institutional data, connect disparate data sources, to create the ability to share data and to be able to track processes. Leveraging Airtable’s capabilities as a relational database and the ability to create automated Banner feeds, non-expert users could easily access and analyze data without coding skills. Airtable is now utilized across campus for diverse purposes, including resource sharing with students, facilities inventory management, community-based project connections, GER outcomes evaluation, and course catalog management. While Airtable may not be a one-size-fits-all solution, its versatility and ongoing integration efforts offer exciting opportunities for users seeking to uncover insights and connections across UAF’s campus data landscape.

A diagram illustrating cyclical development using Airtable. The cycle includes meaning, people, process, and reporting data

Website Redesign

CTL launched a new website that is responsive, utilizes the latest design trends, and prioritizes accessibility above everything else. A well-organized website ensures that prospective students can easily access crucial information, such as program offerings, admission requirements, and student support services. As the virtual front door of CTL, a visually appealing and user-friendly website can immediately capture students’ attention and convey a sense of professionalism and credibility.

The highly skilled CTL Media team plays a pivotal role in supporting video production for UAF and AlaskaX courses. This exceptionally creative team goes beyond the ordinary, helping faculty craft videos that authentically capture the essence of their subject matter. The impact of their work is evident in the diverse array of projects they’ve recently worked on, ranging from producing promotional videos for courses like Engineering in Alaska (ES 100) to bringing animations to life in the new Resilient and Renewable Grid course as on the edX platform (AlaskaX). In an effort to further support for those interested in honing their video editing skills, CTL now grants access to WeVideo, a cloud-based video editor, for all UAF staff, students, and faculty. This reflects our commitment to fostering collaboration and providing a seamless editing experience for shared media. UAF CTL collaboratively manages a fully equipped production studio in Rasmuson 375a, along with two DIY learning glass studios in Irving I Room 303 and Bunnell 143C.

UAF CTL is a tight-knit group of people who are educators, readers, artists, gamers, bakers, writers, knitters, builders, adventurers, runners...we're adding to this list every day! Meet a few of them by clicking on their picture.

Brant holding his dog outside in Healy, AK with a river behind him

Brant Schalk

A head shot of Janene McMahan

Janene McMahan

A picture of Mika sitting in a train station box office

Mika McCrary

Moss skiing in the winter with a sled and a pack