Media Services

WeVideo Video Editing Software

UAF Center for Teaching and Learning provides access to WeVideo to all UAF staff, students and faculty. WeVideo is a cloud-based video editor that allows collaboration on video edits and the ease of working with shared media, along with screen recording capabilities.

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Teaching & Learning Studio

The Teaching & Learning Studio in Bunnell 143C (inside the CTL offices) is a rapidly reservable or drop-in space available to all UAF affiliates, including students. The studio is equipped with a lightboard.

After a short training to use this space, users can schedule time in the room via Google Calendar and use the room during normal business hours of CTL.

Rasmuson Media Studio

The Rasmuson Media Studio, located at 375a Rasmuson Library, is an actively managed professional studio space.

To reserve time in the studio or receive assistance in producing media content, please fill out and submit a media request form.

UAF Center for Teaching and Learning jointly manages this studio in cooperation with University Relations and the Department of Journalism. Use of this studio is dependent on staffing availability.

Irving Media Studio

The Irving Media Studio, located in Irving 1, Room 303, is available to faculty to create their own lightboard productions in a “one button” DIY recording environment.

Faculty can request a training to use this space, and then will be given calendar and card swipe access to use the room at their own convenience. Please fill out the Irving Studio Interest Form to set up a training.

The studio also features a “Whisper Room” recording booth that is ideal for recording audio voiceovers, podcasts and interviews.

UAF Center for Teaching and Learning manages this space in cooperation with the Institute for Arctic Biology and the Department of Biology and Wildlife.

Two people work in a lightboard studio