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We provide a wide range of services for individual instructors, including adjuncts and TAs, as well as support for entire programs. The goal of our Faculty Support Team is to provide services that improve education at UAF for teachers and students alike

Please Note: Anyone using CTL Instructional Design Services is held to these professional expectations.

Program Support

For Online Degree Programs

When academic departments consider offering an entire program online, we assist with data and resource analysis, timelines, best practices, student engagement, recruitment, retention and assessment. Our goal is to help departments develop cohesive, inclusive, and successful online programs. For more information, contact our Associate Director of Transformative Teaching Kendell Newman Sadiik.

Data Analysis & Reporting

UAF CTL works closely with UAF Institutional Research to provide enrollment, retention, demographic and academic success statistics for online students. We also work with departments on specific data and reports tailored to departmental needs. Contact Nathan Feemster for more information.

Policy and Procedure Resources

University regulations are complex and ever-changing. CTL has subject experts to guide you through policies so the focus remains on educational excellence. Contact Associate Director of Transformative Teaching Kendell Newman Sadiik for help.

Tenure File Documentation

For faculty working towards Tenure and/or Promotion, our courses and workshops can be documented as Faculty Development activities and University Service hours. We also offer University Service opportunities through leadership and publication. If you need something documented, contact Kendell Newman Sadiik, the Associate Director of Transformative Teaching.

Course Development

Supported-Course Assistance

Those teaching CTL supported courses can access services like media production, captioning, WordPress hosting, and more.

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Open Lab Consultations

Book a consultation with an instructional designer to help you troubleshoot problems, develop curriculum, create and schedule assessments, and so much more.

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Quality Matters

Quality Matters is a nationally recognized certification of online courses and components. For those interested in certifying a course with Quality Matters, we offer consultations, informal and formal reviews, and assistance with the certification process. 

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1:1 Course Building Support

Instructors working on projects that require support outside of the scope of Open Labs and our Faculty Development programming may be eligible for a longer one-on-one collaboration with an Instructional Designer. Please note that given high demand, we are not able to honor all requests.

Continued Education

iTeach Online

iTeach Online is an online course designed to provide a foundation in online pedagogy and guide you through the steps of course development. We offer both self-paced and cohort-based options. Our 4-6 week cohort-based sessions are offered multiple times per year and can be customized for departments.

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Workshops & Seminars

In partnership with the Faculty Accelerator,  we regularly host workshops and seminars on course design, pedagogy, and education technology, led by Instructional Designers and invited instructors. For upcoming workshops and more,see the events page. You can also keep tabs on upcoming events on our Instagram, @uaffacdev. If you are interested in leading a workshop, contact Associate Director of Transformative Teaching Kendell Newman Sadiik.

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Department-Wide Faculty & Staff Training

We design targeted professional development workshops for both instructors and administrative staff in departments that offer a significant number of CTL courses.  We have found that our workshops are most successful and new technologies are more widely adopted when large groups of instructors and staff are working together to change teaching practices and thoughtfully adopt new technology. Contact Associate Director of Transformative Teaching Kendell Newman Sadiik at for more information.


In the Learner Experience Advocacy Program, undergraduate students learn about course feedback strategies and partner with participating instructors to observe and share feedback on course design and delivery. The goals of the program are to meaningfully improve the learner experience at UAF, build community among instructor and student leaders, and provide professional development to students and instructors alike.

More about LEAP

CITE Fellows

CITE Fellows (Chancellor’s Innovation in Technology and e-Learning) is a program that recruits, prepares, and supports dedicated teaching faculty innovation in the field of online education, as well as the face to face classroom, through thoughtful incorporation of technological tools. We aim to engage instructors in activities that inspire, facilitate, and reward high-profile projects and courses.

More on CITE Fellows

Other CTL Services

Student Advising

Students enrolled in CTL courses have access to an CTL Enrollment Counselor as well as their academic advisor. Our counselor is available to help students select courses, navigate resources and improve their distance learning experience. Contact Nicole Balazs for counseling services.

Exam Proctoring

The CTL Exam Center is a monitored space for students to take exams. Students outside of Fairbanks work with CTL to find exam proctors in their area.

More on Exam Proctoring

Equipment Library

We maintain a library of hardware and equipment that can serve best-practices in the classroom.

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Media Production

Our Media Designers can assist you in creating high quality videos. Our team maintains three media studios, provides access to software and media equipment, and offers regular training sessions for faculty. For more information, follow the link below or contact Christen Booth, Creative Director.

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CTL-supported courses and online programs benefit from our dedicated marketing services, including website consultations, digital marketing campaigns, and strategic social media content. If you have questions about our marketing services, contact CTL Communications Manager Karina Gonzales.


We are available to assist with student outreach. When student engagement is low, outreach programs provide students with one-on-one communication and resource referral. Contact Nathan Feemster for assistance with outreach.

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