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Check out what other instructors are doing to build well-organized, yet dynamic learning experiences for UAF students on Canvas. All UAF faculty have access via Canvas Commons to three “Showcase” courses: ART-371 Digital Imaging, SWK-220 Ethics, Values, and Social Work Practice, and ES-100 Introduction to Engineering. Log in to Canvas and navigate to Commons (instructions below) to explore these courses and borrow from their examples for your own teaching. These showcase courses are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial (CC-BY NC) license, which allows UAF faculty to duplicate pieces or all of the course and adapt it to their needs, provided they attribute credit for the design to the original instructor(s).

If you would like assistance implementing an idea you found here, make an appointment to consult an instructional designer.

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ART 371

Instructor: Miho Aoki,
Department of Art

Digital Imaging, Spring 2023

Highlights: Excellent use of media, instructor presence, and how one walks students through a step-by-step process 

Miho Aoki’s Digital Imaging course uses video, images, and text to guide students through the process of creating art with digital tools. For each skill, the instructor is present in the online course space, offering support and clear explanations, with detailed step-by-step guidance for assignments. Each task is explained thoroughly, with concrete examples, allowing students to learn detailed processes in an asynchronous setting. Students apply these skills to a wide range of projects and experiments, often shared openly so they can learn from each other. Instructional media is also combined with playful illustrations, creating a sense of a unique course environment and community.

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SWK 220

Instructor: Christina Ireton,
Department of Social Work

Ethics, Values and Social Work Practice, Spring 2024

Highlights: NoLo example, aesthetically welcoming, ease of navigation, use of media

Ethics, Values and Social Work Practice, taught and designed by Christina Ireton, creates a welcoming environment for students, starting with the customized homepage filled with bright colors and directions to main course spaces. Units, along with course content and assignments, are clearly defined in the modules section. This course is a wonderful example of collaboration within departments as well, as the module structure is consistent across Social Work courses, creating a familiar organization for students. Student-friendliness extends to the content as well, with a wide variety of modalities used for instruction and projects; plus as a NoLo course, all materials are open source and free to students. 

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ES 100

Instructor: Multiple instructors,
College of Engineering and Mines

Introduction to Engineering, Spring 2024

Highlights: Project-based learning, team teaching

This Introduction to Engineering class offers students interested in the program an overview of the ideas and projects they can explore in the different engineering tracks at UAF. The course design is innovative in that the faculty across the engineering sub-disciplines came together to design the course, each creating modules that would introduce students to their field. While the content and instruction are diverse, the course has a strong and consistent visual design that maintains a cohesive feel. Also consistent is the project-based learning structure across modules, with students experimenting with problems unique to Alaska.

How to Access View Course Showcases

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