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Here are our latest articles, tips, and tutorials on using Canvas for your courses.

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Teaching and Learning with Canvas

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    Canvas Foundations: Grading and Feedback

    This sessission will be held 12 October 2023, from 1000-1130. Led by an Instructure (Canvas) trainer, this session will cover how to create and apply rubrics, how to give feedback and grades using SpeedGrader, and the various customizations you can create for your Gradebook. 

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    Canvas Foundations: Data and Analytics

    This session will be held 18 October 2023, from 1000-1130. Led by an Instructure (Canvas) trainer, this session will cover how to access and understand the data available to instructors about student access, interactions, and communications as well as generalized statistics about the course (missed/late assignments, module progress) and quizzes/tests. 

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    Canvas New Quizzes are Unsupported

    The feature ‘New Quizzes’ is now unsupported by UAF CTL until major improvements are made to the feature by Instructure. Below is a video tutorial on moving any existing quiz materials to Canvas Classic quizzes.

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    Canvas II Workshop

    Included is a recording of our Canvas Level 2 workshop. This presentation covers topics that include:

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    Creating Course Links in Canvas

    Create clickable text in your Canvas course that link to other places in your course.

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    Cross-listing Courses in Canvas

    Step-by-step instructions for cross-listing courses in Canvas.

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    Adding H5P Content to Canvas

    H5P enables you to add different types of interactive elements to your Canvas course shell. If you’re not familiar with the types of objects you can create with H5P, it is worth checking out. Add objects you create to your Canvas course with the following steps:

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    Setting Notification Preferences in Canvas

    The “Account” area of Canvas allows you to customize your Canvas experience across all classes you are enrolled in. to change your notification settings, do the following.

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    Embedding a Google Doc Into Canvas

    Embed your syllabus or other document into your Canvas course as a way to make the document visible without the extra click to download. Additional benefits include auto-updates in Canvas whenever you edit your syllabus in drive which means there’s no need for multiple versions of the same document. (Tutorial video to be posted soon.)

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