Canvas New Quizzes are (SUPPORTED 2024)

UPDATE – 2024

New quizzes added an export and import option – this was the main functionality we were waiting on to enable New Quizzes. New Quizzes are now enabled in the UAF Canvas instance.

New Quizzes are Unsupported by UAF CTL

The feature ‘New Quizzes’ is now unsupported by UAF CTL until major improvements are made to the feature by Instructure. Below is a video tutorial on moving any existing quiz materials to Canvas Classic quizzes. We can also discuss how to move to another integrated platform, such as Playposit, Gradescope, Hypothesis, or H5P. Our Friday Open Labs for CanvasOnline Instructional Designer Consults, and in person Instructional Designer support are all great places to get help transitioning your materials

More About the Issue

An issue was reported in Summer and Fall 2022 where New Quizzes weren’t copying over to new courses. This issue seemed limited to only a handful of users and Canvas support was able to copy the quizzes manually. With added users as we transitioned from Blackboard to Canvas, the issue became more pronounced and Canvas support was no longer able to manually correct each quiz copy. Canvas engineers traced the issue back to a server issue on their end and worked on a fix. In the meantime, the team at CTL explored turning New Quizzes off because they lack the functionality to be duplicated, exported, or directly imported through QTI. With Canvas engineers we tested turning off New Quizzes, ensuring that student data would be left intact and current New Quizzes would be unaffected. The tests passed and we shut off the ability to create quizzes using the New Quizzes feature. Canvas has since implemented a fix to enable New Quizzes to copy successfully, however, in doing so they also inadvertently disabled access to the student attempts and data for currently running New Quizzes in Spring 2023 courses. Canvas implemented the solving fix, restoring access on 2/24/23. New Quizzes remain turned off, however already existing New Quizzes will function as normal.

How to Transition from New Quizzes to Classic Quizzes in Canvas

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