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Smart Views


Welcome to another episode of Blackboard Bitez. Each week, we take a look at the inner workings of Blackboard. This week, we look at the awesomeness of Smart Views. Show Notes A Smart View is a filtered view of specific…

Create Custom Column in Blackboard

You can create a custom text column in Blackboard to help you make notes about your students. This columns holds about 32 characters and spaces so this option isn’t for lengthly comments just for short identifiable text and you can…

Blackboard clear quiz attempt

If you need to clear a student’s attempt on a quiz for any reason, you can do this from the Blackboard Grade Center. Go to the Full Grade Center and search for the student and quiz. In the cell where…

To total or not to total – Blackboard Grade Center

Every teacher has goals to be effective and efficient. Knowing more about the tools and features in Blackboard’s Grade Center can help you reach your potential. This week’s tip concentrates on different kinds of Total columns you might use in your course to organize and compute final grades. There is a lot of capability and might be the perfect feature for you to implement in your course.

Gradebook running total

Whether you use a Weighted Total column and/or the Total column, take a look at how the use of the Running Total option affects your students’ perception of their grade. To experiment without adjusting an actual student’s grade record, click on the “Go To Student View' button located in the upper right corner under the tabs that say “My Blackboard' and “Courses.'