MILL Makerspace May Challenge

Rocks stacked on top of eachother, on a rocky beach.

May’s makerspace challenge is all about mindfulness! This month, explore the transformative power of Mindful making at The MILL. This challenge celebrates the integration of mindfulness in education, enhancing learning through the development of self-esteem and confidence. Engage in creative…

We’re Hiring

Four cut-out style hands, shaded with a halftone pattern, putting together a puzzle of a lightbulb. The composition is on a yellow background and the text reads, "We're Hiring".

🌟 Exciting Opportunity Alert! 🚀  We’re on the lookout for a creative individual to join our instructional design team! This instructional designer will help craft engaging programming for graduate teaching assistants, from cutting-edge workshops to immersive courses. Become a part…