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A collection of beaded gloves like those students will create in this class.

Traditional Crafts Class Will be Hosted in the MILL

APAR F150, Traditional Crafts (CRN 37491) is a 2-week, 2-credit class to be led by Jennifer Adams, and hosted in The MILL makerspace. Please join the class if you are interested in learning about traditional beading. WHEN: 8 April –…

A student working on a laptop in a cabin while a humanoid robot leans over his shoulder.

Q&A on AI Text Detection

Are there any tools that can reliably detect if writing was created with artificial intelligence? No. No, There are no tools which can reliably detect AI-generated writing. This teaching tip covers the current state of automatic AI detection and where it falls short of being reliable, and illustrates why this trend will continue. More importantly, this teaching tip presents some methods in which faculty content experts can determine if writing has been created with AI.
Shelf of colorful yarn with the title "Fiber Arts Afternoons"

Fiber Arts Afternoons

A new drop-in fiber arts meet-up every Thursday afternoon from 2-4 PM. Come explore the parallels between handiwork and academic work and reflect on the practices of learning, teaching, and mentoring that they share.
Imagine a harmonious blend between the simplified scene of connected soundmaking and artistic creativity within a makerspace

MILL Makerspace March Challenge

Explore sound as a method in expressing educational journeys, research, personal growth, and discoveries. Whether it’s through the creation of new instruments, the innovation of sound into visual art, or the composition of songs and soundscapes, we encourage you to…

Caption: A Possible Framework for Slow Teaching with Technological Enhancements from Shaw, P. A., & Russell, J. L. (2013). 19 Determining Our Own Tempos. To Improve the Academy: A Journal of Educational Development, 32.

Slow Pedagogy

Slowing down the teaching and learning process can be a challenging endeavor amongst the business of modern academic life. Slow pedagogy is a teaching movement that offers a lens and practices for reducing the pace and pressure of education. Slow pedagogy suggests that taking one’s time can offer opportunities for deeper learning and connections.
WCET Virtual AI Summit

WCET AI+Education Virtual Summit

February 22, 2024 • 8 am – 12 pm AKST The UAF Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) is offering a limited number of registrations on a first-come basis. Participate the Summit virtually or at 145 Bunnell Building at CTL.…

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MILL Makerspace February Challenge

Map Your Teaching & Learning JourneyFebruary Challenge – MILL Makerspace This challenge is open to all students, faculty and staff, encouraging you to explore and express your educational experiences, growth and discoveries through the creative medium of mapping. We encourage…

Build Interactive Content with H5P

Join us for an introduction to building interactive content for your course! This event took place on February 15, 2024 — 9:30 am. Please find H5P resources below. Schedule an instructional design consult if you would like assistance using H5P…

An illustration-style image of instructors chatting about a concept map.

Concept Mapping Workshop

Join us Tuesday, 30 January 2024, 1-4pm Instructional designer Dan LaSota for a workshop exploring conceptual maps to assess student comprehension and illustrate course content effectively. Learn teaching and assessment methods through hands-on activities. Available online and in-person; participation requires laptops and…