Promote your course

by Janene McMahan & Marissa Carl
Is your department counting on you to bring new students into the discipline? Are your class sizes smaller than you’d like? Often times being listed on the course schedule isn’t enough. Here are some ideas to increase enrollment and visibility of your class.
Hook Your Students

Tell your current class about the other courses you teach or pitch a logical progression class for them, even if it’s not yours. If they like you as an instructor and/or really took to the material, this will be an easy sell.
Utilize UAF Resources

Many UAF schools and colleges have public information officers and/or outreach coordinators* that are constantly searching for a story to tell. If you are doing something new or interesting in class, give them a call ahead of time. These colleagues are experts in their field and will be able to bring some attention to your work.
*Job titles may vary across campus.
Show & Tell

More and more instructors are designing their courses online and in the open, meaning students can peruse
the syllabus, assignments and readings — and make an educated decision — before enrolling. Instructors can also put pieces of their course in the open, allowing for a taste.
See your colleague’s work:
As subject matter experts, consider presenting in public (this can be anything from a short video taken from your desk to a lecture series) and plug your course to an audience that is already interested.
Partner with CTL

If you are instructing an CTL-supported course (or thinking of creating one) take advantage of the department’s full services, which include marketing support for new and low-enrollment courses.
Contact Marissa Carl via for details about these strategic partnerships and see some marketing examples below.
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