OBTC 2015: The Organizational Behavior Teaching Conference

Dr. Nicole Cundiff and Janene McMahan travelled to the Organizational Behavior Teaching Conference 2015 in La Verne, California. The session,  Building Collaborative Community Development Tools, was met with interest with one faculty member wanting Nicole to consider another target audience,  non-profits and the boards of nonprofit organizations,  for this app. The session description was:

A collaborative application tool for handheld devices is being created in the state of Alaska in order to enhance productivity across external and regional boundaries for leadership development programming and enhanced community learning. Statewide leadership development groups have been looking for ways to enhance their reach and effectiveness in constrained economic times. A “social network’ framed application for handheld devices, increases knowledge sharing in this setting. A video will be shared, demonstrating related learning opportunities, as well as possible uses, functions included in the application, and prescreened usability of the application will be discussed.

Madara Mason, Jennifer Moss, and Nicole Cundiff brainstormed a revised version of the app after survey results suggested students may be the first audience to release the beta to. Madara used a mock-up tool,  Balsamiq, and Jennifer used  Prototyping on Paper  (Pop App) to provide linkages to visually demonstrate a bit of how the tool might function. You can view a prototype of the app at:  Pop App
Nicole also presented  Leadership Development Online  and is again  joined by Janene as her Instructional Designer for this course.  The discussion was very well attended and brought out lots of fantastic ideas and tools that were shared for online course development in general, which can be found here: BEST PRACTICES:  https://padlet.com/vjmcmahan/ucl40alnfugt
Learn more about    OBTC at  https://obts.org
Janene and Nicole

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