How to prepare for fall while enjoying summer

Summer is in full swing! You are camping, gardening, road-tripping, hiking, Netflixing, swatting at mosquitoes – maybe even teaching. Meanwhile, you’re actively ignoring that buzz behind your ear: Fall’s coming … Teaching … Teaching … Teaching
No one will blame you for swatting that buzz away until, say, August. It’s summer, after all. But what if you could do something now to make your course development a month or two from now a bit easier?
Are you teaching a course for the first time? Great. CTL is hosting a ‘Build-a-course’ series of workshops this summer that you can use to get you started. Attend in-person, online, or watch the recorded versions.
Are you revising a course you’ve taught before? Use this worksheet to get started on an ongoing practice that addresses that nagging buzz in a productive way.
The worksheet contains information on how to get started, 10 questions, and steps to take you forward after that.
Course Revision Worksheet
The series of questions below prompts reflection on a course you’ve taught before. What worked? What didn’t? What changes will you make? At the bottom of the worksheet, find opportunities to collaborate with other UAF teachers on course revision.
Two moments I remember from this course in which students got what I was trying to communicate:
What prompted these moments?
Two moments of misunderstanding (mine, students, course’s) that I remember from this course:
How did you navigate the misunderstandings?
Given these successes and misunderstandings, what would you like to do differently next time?
… “You can continue this reflection throughout the year by starting a teaching journal. Create a google doc, use a notebook or record voice memos on your phone. At the end of every week, reflect on the questions: What was a misunderstanding? How did we have successful communications? Based on your reflections, adjust for the week ahead as well as the next semester. By keeping an ongoing list and reflection for revision, you’ll be started on next semester before this one even ends. 1
Want to work with other teachers who are thinking about these ideas? Send an email to Madara Mason, CTL Associate Director of Teaching & Learning, and she’ll help you connect.
CTL’s “Build-a-course’ series is being recorded and posted online this summer.

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