New Google Calendar Features

location of new calendar button

New Features

  • more closely aligned with the IOS/Android apps
  • side by side view
  • new view options, including year view
    • see details with one click
  • menu icon (lasagne) toggles sidebar menu
  • color palette
  • responsive layout
  • One-click view of event details including video call inks and attachments
    • see participant details for invitees
    • event graphic header relates to holiday or theme of event i.e. Thanksgiving
  • Reminders vs. Tasks
    • toggle between them
  • Search – documents, contacts and events
  • Appointment Slots Tool easier to find
    • provides a short URL instead of the 3-page URL from old calendar
  • formatting bar and hyperlinks added to descriptions
showing formatting bar
  • option to restore items that are deleted now available under Settings
    • one place for all calendars

Invitation status

Events on your calendar look different depending on how you’ve responded:

  • If you’re attending an event, the event will be a solid color.
  • If you’ve answered maybe to an event, you’ll see diagonal lines across it.
  • If you haven’t replied yet, you’ll just see the event’s outline.
  • If you said no, you’ll only see the outline and the event will be crossed out.


  • simpler, one place for setting changes
  • make “modify event” the default
  • new world clock
  • no more labs
  • you can always go back to classic Calendar

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