RISE-UP Ideation Studio Mixer

UAF faculty, staff, and researchers from all disciplines are invited to an Ideation Studio mixer on November 16th from 10-12 p.m. in the newly opened MIX/CTL Faculty Makerspace (131 Bunnell in the Center for Teaching & Learning)

The Ideation Studio is a program designed to help researchers and scholars connect, spark innovative ideas, and co-develop new interdisciplinary projects geared toward problem-solving and the generation of positive societal impacts. 

The mixer will be held in the new Faculty Makerspace, which was co-created by The MIX @UAF and the Center for Teaching & Learning (CTL) to spur creative faculty research and teaching practices. The makespace offers an array of equipment and materials, including 3D printers, art supplies, sublimation printer, vinyl cutter, and more.

This event’s theme is “Creative Connections”. At the mixer, the Ideation Studio team will facilitate creative activities for networking, collaborative research ideation, and project development to researchers from across the disciplines (arts, humanities, STEM, and other fields). 

Opportunities to apply for $10K in seed funding will be offered to attendees. Space is limited

Faculty, staff, researchers, and others with a research or creative activity component to their position are welcome. This particular event isn’t designed for students, but students may be involved in projects later through seed grants or other opportunities. Activities at this event will differ from the April 13, 2023, Ideation Studio Mixer; past participants are welcome to attend. Space is limited; register soon.

The Ideation Studio is sponsored by The MIX @UAF and Center ICE, with support from the Office of Naval Research. Faculty Makerspace is co-created and co-managed by the Center for Teaching and Learning and The MIX @UAF.

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