MILL Makerspace March Challenge

Explore sound as a method in expressing educational journeys, research, personal growth, and discoveries. Whether it’s through the creation of new instruments, the innovation of sound into visual art, or the composition of songs and soundscapes, we encourage you to think outside the box and use sound as a bridge for exploration, connection, and discovery.

What kind of Soundmaking?

  • 3D print a musical instrument and master its melody.
  • Convert sounds into unexpected visual representations of your research, teaching or learning.
  • Visualize your voice by 3D printing its audio waveform.
  • How can song convey knowledge in your field? Create or enable song-making as part of learning experiences
  • Explore the unique sounds of your discipline. How can these be visualized or combined with other senses for deeper meaning?
  • Create art with the audio waveforms of nature, such as bird songs.
  • Craft earrings or other wearables that capture soundwaves.
  • Makers Choice: Explore the tools in the MILL to bring your connected soundmaking to life.


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First Friday – April 5th

Come and check out everyone’s work for a first Friday gallery walk at the MILL – Bunnell 131

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