CTL Presentations for the Faculty Alliance Thought Leaders Forum 2024

28-29 March, 2024, instructional designers from the UAF Center for Teaching and Learning, along with other speakers from across the UA System, gave presentations focused on various topics on artificial intelligence (AI) in education. The presenters from CTL were included in Track A of the event. Presentations given during the two days are embedded and linked below. Slides follow the recordings.

Faculty Alliance Thought Leaders Forum Track A,
28 March 2024


Using AI Voiceovers to Augment Instructor Presence

Presenters: Sean Holland and Peter Westley

Priming Conversations on Ethical Use of AI

Presenters: Nathan Feemster, with Retchenda George-Bettisworth

Faculty Alliance Thought Leaders Forum Track A,
29 March 2024


Project Based Learning with Generative AI

Presenter: Nathan Feemster

A Year of AI Pedagogical Inquiry and Support from CTL

Presenters: Dan LaSota and Nathan Feemster

Detection Feasibility of AI Generated Text

Presenter: Nathan Feemster

Competing Values in the Creation of Knowledge: AI and Open Education Resources

Presenter: Moss

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