Game Design Fundamentals Workshop

Join us on June 1st, 11am to 3pm The MILL in Bunnell 143, and enjoy complimentary food as you collaborate, create, and innovate. This is more than just a workshop—it’s a chance to build something fun!

Unleash your creativity and enjoy some delicious food at our upcoming Game Design Fundamentals Workshop at The MILL, hosted by the Center for Teaching and Learning. Join Drake Richards(UAF Esports Coordinator), and Eric Lonn(CTL Media Designer), for an exciting and interactive session on the art of making board games fun.

Discover how the principles of agency and conflict can transform a simple board game into an engaging and dynamic experience. Participants will not only design their very own pirate-themed board game but also explore how creating challenges and providing choices can enhance learning experiences and foster problem-solving skills.

For more information and to register, visit

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