MILL Makerspace February Challenge

Map Your Teaching & Learning Journey
February Challenge – MILL Makerspace

This challenge is open to all students, faculty and staff, encouraging you to explore and express your educational experiences, growth and discoveries through the creative medium of mapping. We encourage you to think broadly and creatively, using maps as a metaphor for exploration, discovery and connection. We can’t wait to see how you chart your course!

What Types of Maps?

  • Interdisciplinary Exploration: Map the landscape of your academic eld or professional discipline, illustrating how different concepts, theories, or areas of knowledge intersect and interact.
  • Concept Maps: Create a concept map that links ideas, theories, or key concepts in your area of
    study or interest. This map could represent how different ideas in a course connect, the
    evolution of a theory, or the intersection of various subjects.
  • Cultural and Community Connections: Illustrate the diverse cultural backgrounds and
    community ties within our University, showcasing how these elements enrich our collective
    learning environment.
  • Future Visions: Envision and map the future of our learning, incorporating elements of
    innovation, sustainability, and growth.Makers Choice: If you can dream it up, come and bring it to life at the MILL makerspace.
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What Tools?

We encourage you to make your map using the AxiDraw plotter, of any of the abundant fiber arts materials available in the makerspace. However, feel free to explore other makerspace tools for your mapping.

  • 3D printers to bring geographic or conceptual maps to life
  • Sublimation printer and heat press for wearable or usable art maps
  • Cricut vinyl cutter machine for unique, layered creations
  • Art supplies for more traditional map-making
  • Paints, watercolors, colored pencils, charcoal, etc.

First Friday – March 1st

Come and check out everyone’s maps for a First Friday gallery walk at The MILL – Bunnell 131.

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