MILL Makerspace May Challenge

May’s makerspace challenge is all about mindfulness! This month, explore the transformative power of Mindful making at The MILL. This challenge celebrates the integration of mindfulness in education, enhancing learning through the development of self-esteem and confidence. Engage in creative projects that reconnect the cognitive and affective elements of learning, promoting both personal growth and educational insight.

Craft your calm

  • Therapeutic Art: Craft serene artwork using watercolor, pastels, and charcoal to explore calmness through expressive arts.
  • Interactive Zen Gardens: Create your own zen garden with custom elements made from 3D printing and laser cutting to enhance mindfulness and relaxation.
  • Emotional Expression Sculptures: Sculpt your emotions using clay, recyclables, or 3D printing, helping visulaize and communicate feelings more clearly.

First Friday

Submissions are due by 4 June, in The MILL, to be included in the First Friday gallery. June’s First Friday event will be held on the 6th from noon-5pm. Join us!

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